The best thing you don’t know about bikes

The content we pay attention to in our cycling career may be the professional knowledge we have shared in the previous article. However, there are many other interesting contents in the cycling area besides these. In this article, let’s go into the best of those bikes.

Disabled bicycles

1. The longest bike in the world

Usually, the bikes we see in our daily life are mostly 20, 24, and 26-inch bikes. Even the tandem bikes specially designed for people to ride in parks or tourist attractions can only accommodate 2 to 3 people. However, the world’s longest bike is 47.5 m (155 ft 8 in) long and it can accommodate more than 20 people. It was measured and ridden by Bernie Ryan (Australia) on November 14, 2020, in Painesville, Victoria, Australia and it achieved the Guinness World Record.

The longest bicycle in the world

2. The largest bike in the world

The largest bicycle in the world was made by a 56-year-old cycling enthusiast. It is 5m high and 12m long. The diameter of the wheels reaches 3.2 m and the weight is more than 150 kg.

3. The world’s smallest rideable bike 

The largest bike is 5 meters high and 12 meters long, but the smallest bike is only 20cm long and 10cm high. It was made by a young man in Germany. It can be taken away anytime and anywhere, but the legs need to be folded to the extreme to ride, so it is not suitable for daily life. Although it is not practical, because of its mini appearance, the price is as high as $834.

4. The most expensive bike in the world

Before reading this article, you may not have thought that a bike could be sold for such an expensive price. 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike sells for $1 million. Why is it so expensive? Let’s unveil its mystery together. It is designed by House of Solid Gold, and only 13 units are sold in the world. The bike frame is made of 24K solid gold, the saddle is made of crocodile leather and the badges made of the gem are used for decorating. Every detail reflects the luxurious design.

5. The world’s first bike

Two wheels, one in front and one in back, a frame, a steering handlebar, and driven by feet, are the prototype of the bike that has remained unchanged. In 1818, a German baron whose name is Karl Von Drais made a wooden vehicle that was patented in Germany and France. He is generally recognized as the inventor of the bike. A direction handle was installed on the front wheel. This was people’s earliest impression of a bike, a strange vehicle without a horse.

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