Outdoor riding in winter, warm equipment is indispensable

In cold winter, if you want to keep your body in good cycling condition, which way will you choose? Exercise indoors or riding in nature? Outdoor cycling is always more fun than indoor cycling, but the premise is that you can wear the clothes correctly. When riding in winter, you need to have thermal equipment that is warm and comfortable enough. In this article, let’s talk about how to keep warm in winter if you ride outdoors. 

1. Magic Kerchief

Magic kerchief

You only need a small magic kerchief to wrap around your neck and cheeks to prevent the biting cold wind from slipping into your body, stinging your throat, irritating your intestines, and scratching your skin. It resists the cold wind and isolates harmful substances, allowing you to ride comfortably in winter. 

2. Warm cap

When the temperature is around 4°C, half of the heat is dissipated through the head; and when the temperature is around -10°, the proportion rises to three-quarters, so keeping your head warm is very important when riding in winter. You can wear a warm cap inside the helmet to help you decrease heat loss. 

3. Winter cycling clothes

Most winter cycling clothes are very warm, but may not be very breathable. You can wear a wicking shirt underneath. If winter cycling clothes still cannot meet your needs for warmth, you can wear a windproof vest outside.

4. Winter cycling trousers

Paired with winter cycling clothes are winter cycling trousers. You can choose fleece type and different thicknesses according to the temperature. Cycling clothes and trousers are fundamental equipment for winter cycling. 

5. Cycling glove

Keeping hands warm can help us better control our bikes. When the temperature is around 7°C to 10°C, we can choose thick full-finger gloves, and when the weather gets colder, the temperature goes down to 4°C to 7°C, we can choose thick windproof gloves. If the temperature is below 4°C, fleece windproof gloves should be a good choice. Of course, you also can consider electrical heating gloves. 

6. Cycling shoe covers

Winter cycling shoe covers

When the temperature drops to about 0°C, the windproof cycling shoe covers can keep our feet warm. Different cover thicknesses can be selected according to different temperatures. 

7. Cycling raincoat

In case of sudden bad weather, you need to prepare a raincoat no matter what season it is.

8. Insulated bottle

Insulated bottle

If you don’t want your bottle to freeze, you can bring an insulated bottle to quench your thirst and warm up your body.
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