How to relieve the pain in the ass ?

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, you will face a problem after a long ride – ass pain. In this article, let’s learn why this problem occurs and how to alleviate it.


1. Why the ass pain occurs?

(1) The ischium is compressed for a long time

This phenomenon is mainly concentrated among novice riders. When we sit on the saddle, the weight is concentrated and the pressure increases, which presses the ischium for a long time, compresses the capillaries, and affects blood circulation.

(2) Shear and friction

When we step on the seat, we will swing slightly. When going uphill, the swing will increase leading to the enhancement of the force on the seat. The friction between the seat and the clothes will cause pain on the skin. Combined with the shear force generated by the seat, the compression effect will further impede blood circulation. 

(3) Humidity and temperature

Drinking water while riding

When riding in summer, the weather is hot. The cloth wet by sweat aggravates the effect of shearing force. The skin temperature rises which accelerates skin metabolism and the blood circulation is impaired under pressure. As a result, the skin will be chafed after a long time. 

We should try our best to relieve the pain by taking corresponding measures even if we need to practice continuously to improve the body’s adaptability. The following tips can be referred to. 

2. How to avoid or alleviate this problem

(1) Adjust riding posture

Riding posture

Wrong riding posture will distribute too much pressure on the ass. You can refer to our previous articles (How to adjust a more suitable riding posture?Does your bike 100% suit you?) to adjust the riding posture and reasonably distribute the force among the pedals, arms and abdomen to reduce pressure on the ass.

(2) Train your riding habits
During long-distance riding, most novices may be used to sitting on the saddle all the time. Long-term pressure may cause ass sores. You can take your ass off the saddle at planned intervals and change the sit position appropriately. The transfer of pressure points will be to the benefit of the blood circulation.

(3) Prepare suitable cycling equipment


It can be seen from the above content that the main reasons for ass pain are long-term compression and friction as well as excessive humidity and temperature. Therefore, the cycling pants were designed to solve those problems.
The material of cycling pants has many excellent characteristics such as good sweat absorption, breathable and fast drying. The inner pad is close to the thighs and ass. It can effectively absorb shock and diffuse pressure distribution to reduce the friction between clothing and skin.

Different people have different body characteristics. Everyone can choose a suitable saddle with soft material and matched size by keep trying. 

(4) Relieve ass muscles 

After riding, you can massage the ass to relieve muscle tension caused by long-term compression.

(5) Stretch the hip muscles 

Bend one knee joint and place it under the abdomen, stretch the hip muscles in a prone position, and switch to the opposite lower limb after 1 minute each time, which can quickly relieve hip muscle tension.

(6) Have a hot compress or sitz bath

After riding, apply a hot compress or sitz bath to the ass and maintain the temperature at 40 degrees for 30 minutes. This can speed up blood circulation in the ass muscles, relieve ass muscles tension, and reduce pain.

Apply a hot compress or sitz bath to the ass and maintain the temperature at 40 °C for 30 minutes. This can promote the blood circulation of the ass muscles to relieve the muscles tension.




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