How to lock ride shoes for road bikes?

We have preliminary knowledge about ride shoes through the previous article “Do you know about ride shoes?“. In this article, let’s focus on ride shoes again and learn how to install and use ride shoes for a road bike.

Road bike racing

1. Install pedals

Before installing the pedal, we need to pay attention to that the threads on both sides of the crank rotate in opposite directions. The right-driving side is usually right-hand threaded, and the non-driving side is usually left-hand or reverse-threaded. We can install the pedal through the following steps.

Bike crank

(1) Adjust the chain

Place the chain on the chain wheel before installation to avoid injury. 

(2) Install the pedal

Find the mark that distinguishes the left and right pedals. Put on the washer first and then screw the pedal to the crank. The right pedal is tightened clockwise from the outside view of the crank. In contrast, the left pedal is tightened counterclockwise. 

(3) Adjust the angle

If you are used to walking on the inside, the angle should be towards the inside of the sole. In contrast, the angle should be towards the outside of the sole.

(4) Adjust the locking force

The tightness should be appropriate when withdrawing the pedal. If it is too tight, it will be difficult to remove the lock. If it is too loose, it will easily cause the pedal to become loose.

2. How to install lock cleats

(1) Align the lock cleats with the three holes in the sole

(2) Place the washer between the lock cleats and the screw, align the screw in the shoe hole, and hand-tighten for initial fix. 

(3) Slide the cleats downwards to adjust the lock position on the shoe sole.

(4) Use a hexagonal wrench to tighten the screws. Be careful the first screw should better not be fastened very tight, after fastening all the screws then tightening every screws. 

3. Tips for getting on and off the bike


(1) Get on and lock

Let the front part of the cleat catch the front part of the lock pedal first, and then step down when it is stuck in the appropriate position. To maintain body balance, amateurs should better find a support point.

(2) Get off and unlock

Slide forcefully to the side and pay attention to maintaining balance.

(3) Preparing to park

Amateurs can pre-unlock first. When approaching the parking point, first unlock the foot that is used as a support point.
If you still want to know how to avoid zero-speed falls, you can refer to our previous article Do you know about ride shoes?.

If you have any other opinions about ride shoes, don’t hesitate to leave a message. We are looking forward to listening to your idea.



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