How to improve cycling endurance?

If you are a young rider, will you feel tired after riding for a while when you do a long-distance ride? If you are overtrained like a professional rider at this time, congratulations you’ll end up burning out rather than improving quickly. In this article, let’s talk about how to improve cycling endurance to make us ride farther.

Long-distance riding

We can improve cycling endurance through the following three aspects. 

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function

Heart and lungs

If you want to improve your cycling ability and cardiorespiratory fitness, then hill training is the best way. When riding uphill, the closer you get to the top of the slope, the respiratory rate and depth will increase and your muscles need more oxygen supply. This is the best time to exercise your cardiopulmonary function.

You can use the following training method to help you. 

(1) Repeat uphill riding

Choose a hill which takes about 5 minutes to climb. Ride as hard as you can uphill, hold at your limit, take 3 minutes to recover on the downhill, repeat 5 times, and rest. 

(2) Mountain road long-distance cycling training

Find a 10km to 15km route with 4 to 6 large slopes. The distance between slopes is moderate. Try your best to ride uphill.
Note that you need to warm up in advance before training, otherwise it may cause muscle damage.

2. Enhance aerobic exercise

VO2 max has always been considered a major factor in determining the success of endurance sports, so aerobic exercise is essential to improve endurance.

Cycling competition

You can use the following training method to help you. 

(1) Increase oxygen consumption

Warm up for 15 minutes, then increase the intensity to level 9 (self-perceived fatigue rating, 10 levels in total), maintain for 3 minutes, and then rest for 3 minutes, repeat the above process more than 2 times. End the exercise at a moderate pace and allow your body to cool down naturally.

(2) Do high-intensity interval training (HIT)

It consists of short, high-intensity aerobic exercises ranging in length from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, interspersed with short rest periods. The interval time depends on your exercise status and exercise goals. While your heart rate remains high during recovery, your aerobic energy system will also receive training benefits. 

3. Strengthening muscle training

Muscle endurance training can delay the onset of muscle fatigue during cycling. You can use the following training method to help you.


(1) Set a goal and insist on long-distance riding

The general riding distance can be set at 60km to 80km, and the heart rate should be controlled at 85 % to 90% of the maximum heart rate. Ride at least once a week. 

(2) Extreme riding

Choose a safe route from about 5km to 8km. Ride at your full speed for 2 or 3 times. The interval time for each ride is about 10 minutes. 

All training methods require long-term persistence to achieve effective results. It should be noted that you must warm up in advance before starting each training, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage. 

Don’t hesitate to leave a message regarding how to improve cycling endurance if you have anything to share. We are looking forward to your idea and story.



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