How to execute force effectively while riding

According to previous articles, we have learned how to adjust the appropriate riding posture ( ) ( ), however, only the appropriate riding posture is still not enough to ride comfortably, effective power generation methods and technical strength training are needed.

1. Methods and techniques for exerting force 

(1)Refer to the linkage of an old steam engine, and then think of your foot as this linkage. During pedalling, keep the soles of your feet flat throughout the entire rotation of the wheel.


(2) Strengthen the dead center force and enhance the overall pedalling force. At this time, the maximum power can be exerted.

(3) Before the pedal reaches the highest point, pedal hard in advance, keep the foot as horizontal as possible, and sink the heel.

(4) With the help of your body’s strength, you can lean forward slightly when going uphill to transfer your weight to the front wheel and increase the friction of the front wheel. When going downhill, you can lean back slightly to reduce wind resistance and increase speed. 

(5) Keep your upper body relaxed, hold the handlebar with both hands, but do not use excessive force, and put your weight on the pedals. 

(6) Don’t use the front thigh muscles as the main force generator when riding. The extension of the knee joint should be promoted by the extension of the hip joint.

Leg muscle groups

2. Technique training

(1) Core stability training

The Romanian single-leg straight-leg deadlift mainly improves the strength of the gluteus maximus muscles and hamstring muscles. It helps you to get a good core stability exercise. Stand with your left leg as the supporting leg, bend the left knee slightly, straighten the right leg as much as possible, and bend the hip instead of the knee. Pay attention to flexing the hip joint rather than the knee joint. Train the right leg in the same way.

(2) Core strength training

The Turkish stand is an advanced but very effective core training action. During the training process, the weight load is needed. The limbs have a certain relative movement, so we remain relatively stable. It makes us close to the situation we face in real sports. 

Lying on your back on the ground and the arm holding the dumbbell, raise the dumbbell as vertically as possible towards the ceiling. Make sure you keep your eyes on the dumbbells, then gradually rise from the ground with your left elbow to the palm of your left hand, and then transfer to the kneeling position, at last, stand up.

Generating force while riding requires a certain amount of muscle strength and endurance. To improve muscle strength and endurance can through regular strength training and long-distance cycling, thereby improving the force generation effect during cycling. For specific training methods, please refer to our previous articles( ).


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