How to choose the suitable bike?

Many new riders may have a problem that they don’t know how to buy a suitable bike. This article will introduce how to choose a suitable one.


1. Road bike types 

(1) Aerodynamic bike

Aerodynamic bikes mainly optimise the tube shape of the bike so that the overall frame has high aerodynamic performance, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and save more effort when riding. Due to the optimization of the tube, its weight will be slightly heavier, the starting speed will be slow, and the vibration filtering will be poor. It has a lower head tube, making the riding posture a little more aggressive, requiring greater core strength and flexibility for the rider.

(2) Lightweight bike (Hill Climber)

Without compromising on sturdiness and durability, ultra-thin tubes and ultra-light components are used to make riding more comfortable when climbing hills. Compared with the aerodynamic bike, its tube is rounder and it’s also more comfortable.

(3) Endurance bike

Endurance bikes are mainly focused on comfort, are easier to manoeuvre for novices, and are more suitable for long-distance riding.

Endurance bike

In conclusion, if you are pursuing speed, aerodynamic bikes are the best choice; the lightweight bike can meet your requirement to ride frequently on hills; however, if you always want to ride long distances, endurance bikes should be the unique one. 

2. Selection of Road bike 

(1) Frame size

In previous articles in the riding posture series, we have constantly instilled a concept into everyone, that the bike body and body should be adapted. Therefore, choosing an appropriate frame according to your height is a prerequisite for comfortable riding.

In the previous article, we learned that the frame and the body characteristics need to fit. Therefore, choosing the right frame according to the height is the premise of comfortable riding. Table 1 shows the relationship between height and frame size.

Table 1: Height and Frame Size

Height (cm)

Frame size











(2) Frame material

There are many types of frame materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and titanium alloy. Among those materials, aluminum alloy is the most popular material. 

Table 2 illustrates the different performances of those materials. The number indicates the ranking of the material’s properties among these four materials.

Table 2: Performance Rank of different materials











aluminum alloy





carbon fiber





titanium alloy





As a novice, you should give priority to a frame with high strength, lightweight, and high-cost performance. It is recommended to choose an aluminum alloy frame. 

(3) Budget 

Different prices have different performances, which should be considered based on your current stage of riding. The more expensive is not necessarily the more suitable.

If you just ride for leisure and want to meet the requirement of comfort and portability, the entry-level bike whose price is from 400 to 800 $ can satisfy your needs. If you want to continue to try and deepen in riding in the future, you can choose a 1,400 $ road bike, which will give you a better experience.

(4) Brand selection

Currently, the popular international road bike brands include Specialized, Giant, Trek, etc. The above brands have better reputations internationally. If you don’t know which brand to buy, these three brands can be selected according to your budget.
For Specialized, if you have a limited budget, you can choose the Allez series. If you want a professional series, you can choose the Roubaix and Tarmac.

About Giant, if you want to buy a professional bike, the TCR series will bring you a big surprise; if you want to ride long distances, the DEFY will take you to your destination with tenacious spirit; if you want to go out into the countryside for cycling, to relax and escape the pressure of work, to relax and get close to nature, you can choose the ESCAPE series; If you want adventure and ride on rough roads, gravel or dirt, choose the REVOLT series; for fitness, you can choose ANYROAD, which will bring better companionship.

Finally, regarding Trek, if you are pursuing speed breakthroughs, you can choose the Madone series, which is the first choice for wind-breaking racing; if you want a hill-climbing model, you can choose the Emonda series. However, if you want to ride long distances, you can choose the Checkpoint series.

In conclusion, you can refer to the above content to help you choose your favourite road bike.

Don’t hesitate to leave a message regarding the bike selection if you have anything to share. We are looking forward to your idea and story.



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