How to choose cycling glasses?

Myopia brings a lot of inconvenience to our lives. We may have the following problems when riding:

(1) Glass frames may cause discomfort or pressure, especially for new riders.

(2) Glasses may be dirtied by sweat. During high-intensity riding, a large amount of sweat will ooze from the forehead and face. If they are not waterproof, the glasses can easily become dirty.

(3) Some wide-frame or larger glasses may limit the visual range while riding.

(4) The glasses may become loose or fall off. During bumpy movements, if the glasses are not fixed enough, they may easily fall out of the frame or become loose, affecting the vision while riding.


Wear glasses when riding.

How should we deal with these troubles?

There are some options for choosing cycling glasses.

(1) Contact lenses and cycling goggles
Wearing contact lenses for too long can cause visual fatigue and dry eye syndrome, which may lead to eyeball allergies and abrasion on the cornea, so this solution is suitable for short-distance riding.

(2) Wear cycling goggles with built-in glass frames

Use the buckle in the red area to attach the lens to the cycling goggles. However, additional lenses are needed. Because the myopic layer is close to the glasses, the interpupillary distance and power need to be adjusted accordingly. Due to the extra layer of lenses, the weight of the glasses is increased, so the glasses are easy to slide down. It is not recommended for bumpy roads. Although this way has a limited effect on visual range, the overall influence is limited

(3) Choose custom cycling glasses

Custom-fitted glasses with detachable flanks can meet the need for sand protection. Pay attention to whether the large arc of the lens distorts the peripheral vision. In general, custom glasses are expensive but very good.

Riding glasses with built-in myopia frame

(4) Choose a glass integrated helmet

This kind of helmet leaves enough space between the lens and the face which is complete enough to wear myopia glasses. If the weather is good, the goggles can also be removed. Overall, the price is moderate and cost-effective.

Although it is difficult for people with severe myopia to find the perfect glasses. We hope the above information can help you. Finally, if you are going to have a long trip, you can wear glasses ahead of time so that the eyes can adapt.



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