How to choose and wear a helmet correctly

Wear a helmet

The head is the weakest and the most susceptible part of the body. Wearing a helmet correctly is the simplest and most effective way to reduce traffic accident damage. It is play an important role in protecting life safety. In the following contents, let us discuss how to correctly select and wear a helmet.

Before choosing, firstly we should better understand the types of helmets.

Based on the age of users, helmet is divided into children, youth and adult type. According to the usage scenario, there are mountain bike helmets, road bike helmets, city bike helmets, bicycle Motocross helmets, time trial bike helmets, downhill bike helmets etc.

Schematic diagram of various helmets

When choosing a helmet, we can make a preliminary selection based on age and the usage scenario. What is important is the quality and size of the helmet which determines whether we can wear it safely and comfortably. By the following tips, we can select a suitable helmet.

1.Quality standards
Helmets need to meet the requirements of ‘CE NE 1078’ (EU standard).

2.Size selection
The common sizes of helmets are L(58 to 62 cm), M (55 to 58 cm) and S (51 to 55cm) which are corresponds to the head circumference size.
Except choose a suitable helmet, we also better know how to wear the helmets. The following methods can be referred.

(1) Wear helmet
Wear the helmet horizontally and try to be as level as eyebrows.

(2) Adjust the tightness
When open mouths, the feeling should be tight. In contrast, when close mouth, the feeling should be loose. If not, adjust the strap.

(3) Adjust the lock buckle
The lock buckle should be located near at lower jaw rather than cheekbone. If not, it has a great potential to cause injury when we fall down.

(4) Adjust the strap buckle
Strap buckles are located one finger width directly below the earlobe. They should not be too far away from the earlobe, otherwise, they will easily fall off.

The following figure shows the key points.

How to wear

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