How do you deal with abnormal noise on your bike?


When abnormal noise appears on your bike while riding, you should pay attention to deal with it in time. If not, it will bring more hidden dangers to our safety. About this issue, let’s talk about how to deal with the abnormal noises of the bike.

Abnormal noise from the wheelset

Rear wheel

Abnormal noise in the wheelset can mainly be checked and debugged from the following parts:

1. Abnormal noise in the chain

Please pay attention to whether our chain is dry, rusty, or has a lot of sediment attached, except that please check whether the chain and rear derailleur are wearing each other. Regularly check the tightness of the chain and make appropriate adjustments. The chain should be cleaned and lubricated in time. 

2. Abnormal noise from the spokes

Check whether the spokes are loose or stained with dirt. Gently move the spokes with your hands to see if they make loose sounds. Clean the spokes regularly and pay attention to their crossing positions.

3. Abnormal brake noise

Check whether the brake pads, brake discs and rims are stained with lubricating oil and other dirt, check the degree of wear of the brake pads, whether the caliper plane is parallel to the brake disc plane or whether the brake pads have a certain bending.
You can use sandpaper to clean up the dirt on the brake pads, and at the same time pay attention to clean up the excess lubricating oil on the chain. Regularly check the brake pads and brake discs, if the wear is large, replace it in time. Adjust the relative position of the brake discs and calipers, and ensure that its plane remains parallel.

Details of the rear wheel

4. Abnormal noise in the derailleur

Check whether the distance between the guide wheel and the flywheel is too close, whether the flywheel lock cover is locked, whether the flywheel is clean, and whether the threads are lubricated. Check whether the rear derailleur is adjusted in the appropriate position, whether there is any problem with the line tension, and whether there is any problem with the thumb shifter. Whether the tension screw of the rear derailleur is adjusted properly and whether the shifting cable is worn. If there is abnormal noise in the derailleur, you can check it according to the above content and make targeted adjustments and cleaning.
5. Abnormal noise from the hub and quick-release. 

Check whether water has entered the inside of the hub, whether any components are broken, and whether the balls and ball bowls are in good condition. If it is determined to be a problem from the hub, you can directly replace it instead of spending a very long time to fix it because the cost will not be high.

Quick release

Abnormal noise near the handlebar

1. Abnormal noise from the head tube and headset

Check whether the head tube and the headset are matched and installed correctly. Whether there is mud entering the head tube or the internal bearings are rusty. If it is just an installation problem, remove it and reinstall it. If the bearings are rusty, you need to replace the headset.

Detailed view of the front of the bike

2. Abnormal noise from the wire tube

The wire tube will produce abnormal noise if it is too short or scratches the frame. Some metal wire tube caps will also make abnormal noises when they impact the frame. The wire tube should be bent as flexibly as possible. If it must contact with the frame, you can cover the wire with anti-collision material.

3. Abnormal noise from the stem

There are many screws on the stem. If the screws are too loose, abnormal noise will occur. Check whether there is dirt at the connection between the stem, cover, and the handlebar, and make sure the screws are fastened. You can remove the parts and clean them with a degreaser. Apply an anti-slip compound to the screws and assemble it with the correct torque.
Abnormal noise from the pedal


Check whether the pedals are clean and firmly installed and whether the bearings on the pedals need repair or replacement.

Abnormal noise near the bottom bracket 

If a new bike makes abnormal noises, it is usually due to improper installation. You can find a professional bike shop for adjustment or reinstallation. If it has been used for some time, please check whether it is mixed with sand or covered with dirt. It should be maintained in time. It is recommended to replace it if it has been worn.

Bottom bracket

Abnormal noise from the seat tube

Check whether the seat tube bundle is locked and whether there is sand or gravel in the seat tube. If the seat tube makes an abnormal noise, you can remove and clean it. The aluminum seat tube can be appropriately greased but pay attention to locking it during installation.

Seat tube

During our riding journey, our bikes accompany us through beautiful moments one after another. Regular cleaning and maintenance can better extend the life of our bikes and better protect our safety.

What other abnormal noises have you encountered while riding? 

Looking forward to hearing your story, leave a message, and let’s work together to solve the complicated problems.



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