Holding the handlebars, how to relieve paralysis

Falls, collisions, loss of control…long-term hold the handlebars put our cycling journey in danger.

What happens to our palms when we hold them tightly for a long time while riding?


When the ulna nerve enters the palm from the wrist and spreads out toward the palm, the ulnar nerve distributed in the little finger and ring finger is compressed when holding the handlebars, resulting in numbness in our ring finger and little finger. If it doesn’t improve for a long time, the neuratrophy can lead to deformities in the fingers.

By understanding the effects on the nervous system when holding handlebars, We can decrease the risk of riding.

During riding, maintaining correct riding posture is helpful to relieve paralytic state, leaning your upper body forward slightly, bending your arms slightly, bending your arms outward while keeping them relatively horizontal and keeping the torso angle between 45° -55°to reduce the pressure of the palm on the ulnar nerve. Rest in time and shake your arms properly to promote blood circulation and maintain a stron
In the short term, you must learn to rest. When your palms feel numb stop riding in time, and shake your arms appropriately to promote blood circulation; In the long term, you need to understand that your arms shouldn’t bear upper body pressure when riding. These pressures should be borne by the muscles of the waist, abdomen and back. During riding, the movement of hand muscles are limited to braking and shifting. The movement of the arm muscles is also limited to turning. If you still feel muscle tension in your hands and arms, you need to change your posture or increase physical activity as appropriate.

Selecting suitable cycling equipments

The choice of frame length is directly related to your height and arm length. When your upper body leans forward slightly but you need to straighten your arms to reach the handlebar, it means that the frame is too long and needs to be replaced by a smaller one.

Cycling gloves are equipped with shock-absorbing palm pads, which not only reduce the pressure on the palms, but also absorb the vibration impulse transmitted to the arms during riding, reducing the occurrence of numbness in the hands. When choosing gloves, we should pay attention to the size. Gloves that are too loose will chafe your hands, while when gloves are too tight will aggravate the symptoms of hand numbness.

Choose a shock-absorbing handlebar tape ,wrap it a little thicker can effectively reduce the impact of vibration on the arms while riding.

Warming up before riding

Warming up before riding not only involves the activities of the body’s limbs but also

the hands. Warming up the hands well will help blood circulation in the palms and activate the nerves in the hands.

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