For cycling, is it enough to have a bike

Rider and scenery

Beginners always start riding when a friend convinces them to buy a bike.

But is it enough to only have a bike?

Absolutely no. Let’s talk about what equipment beginners need to prepare for riding.
Cycling equipment is mainly divided into personal equipment, bike equipment and auxiliary equipment.

1.1 Personal equipment

A racing rider wears helmet and glasses.

1. Cycling helmet

Helmet is an indispensable equipment for cycling. Its main function is to protect the head and optimize the aerodynamic. Qualified helmets need to meet the safety standard requirement of ‘CE NE 1078’(EU). For details on how to wear and select helmet, please refer to our previous articles

2. Cycling glasses

The cycling glasses mainly be used to reduce eye irritation from strong light and protect eye against wind, dust, flying insects etc. It can be divided into two types. One is that different lenses can be replaced according to different usage scenarios. The other is that the lenses change color according to the brightness of the environment. If your eyes are short-sighted, you need special glasses. For details, please refer to our previous articles

3. Cycling gloves

Cycling gloves can absorb sweat, anti-slip. It also protects palms from being scratched and wrist joints caused by subconscious support when falling. Ordinary glove is enough for leisure riding. However, during long distance riding or cross-country riding, you need to choose riding gloves with better anti-skid performance and cushioning function. Full-finger gloves mostly used in cold weather, except that half-finger gloves will a better choice because it is cooler and more flexible.

Cycling racing

4. Cycling cloth

Wear cycling cloth not only can absorb sweat but also can reduce the wind resistance. Cycling clothing is mostly tights made of elastic fabric. It protects the skin and muscles of the thighs by reducing the friction between the inner thighs and the saddle. The cycling pants are designed with inner pads, which have a certain sense of shock absorption and reduce Discomfort. The key point of cycling cloth is suitable and bright-colored.

5. Raincoat & Kerchief

Raincoat is very useful especially when the weather suddenly changes. It keeps warm and prevent rain and snow. The kerchief protects you against sun, insects, and dust. It also can be used as towel.

1.2 Bike equipment

Bottle bracket

1. Lights &Cycling water bottle

Lights are one of the necessary equipment for the bike. Beginners are not recommended to ride at night, but it cannot be avoided. For safety, it is recommended to use professional cycling headlights rather than strong light flashlight. The taillight should be red which is more conspicuous and easier to notice.

The cycling water bottle can be opened with one hand, and you can drink water while riding without stopping. Be careful to slow down before drinking water and pay attention to the bikes coming from behind.

2. Bike instrument

It displays many information such as time, speed, mileage, endurance time, etc. You can adjust your riding strategy according the above information. Some expensive and professional instrument even can show the longitude, latitude, wind speed, etc.

3. Seat bag & Mudguard:

The seat bag is used to store small items such as tire repair tools, inner tubes, change, keys, etc. Water resistance seat bag is preferred. The front and rear mudguard is useful to prevent muddy water.

Seat bag

1.3 Auxiliary tools

Bicycle combination tool

1. Multifunctional combination tool

Check tire pressure, brakes, and other parts with screws. If any problems are found, you can deal with them in time.

2. Tire repair tools & Spare inner tubes

Tire repair tools include tire levers, patches, glue, mini pump, etc.

3. Medical supplies

If possible, bring band-aid, disinfectant, gauze, cotton swabs, anti-inflammatory drugs, diarrhea drugs, vitamin tablets, aloe vera gel with you.

4. Power bank



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