Do you know about ride shoes?

Falling while riding

Many new riders may have a question wouldn’t it be dangerous when wearing ride shoes? Because they couldn’t take their feet off when falling.

In this article, let’s learn more about ride shoes.

Foot details

The main difference between ride shoes and general sports shoes is the hardness and design of the bottom part of the shoes. 

The soles of general sports shoes are usually soft and flexible, which makes them suitable for exercise, such as jogging and running. However, this soft sole will absorb force while riding which makes pedaling more strenuous. In comparison, the soles of ride shoes are harder and stronger. Ride shoes can better transfer power from your legs to the bike. It makes pedaling more efficient, saves your energy and reduces fatigue. In addition, ride shoes are also equipped with self-locking pedals, which prevent the feet from slipping while riding and at the same time can help you maintain a more stable posture.

Generally speaking, if you are only doing some light cycling activities, general sports shoes will be enough. However, if you plan to have a long ride or train for races, the ride shoes will be a better choice.

2. Types of ride shoes

(1) Road shoes 

The road shoe soles usually have three holes and are matched with LOOK, SPD-SL, Speedplay and other road bike cleats. The soles of road shoes are stiff and after installing the locking cleats, the toe caps are raised which makes walking uncomfortable. The shoe’s shape is professional, but they are not suitable for daily wear.

(2) Mountain shoes

The soles of mountain shoes are like mountain bike tires, which are very comfortable. It generally has four holes and is suitable for mountain pedals. The soles have recessed cleats to make them easier to walk and use in the wild, and the cleats are made of metal for a longer lifespan.

3) Unlocked shoes
The style of unlocked shoes is the same as that of ride shoes, but there is no place for installing bike cleats on the soles. Unlocked shoes are more suitable for riding in urban areas.

Unlocked shoes
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